Wine tourism in Spain Wine tourism and Wine Routes through the Basque Country

The Basque Country has an extensive wine tradition which means that there are several Denominations of Origin and a wide range of wine related activities. It is now more common for wine professionals and enthusiasts to go out and enjoy the scenery and the aromas of one of the most privileged areas for Wine Tourism in Spain.

Our experts at Viavinum prepare sophisticated Basque country wine tours. Be amazed with the changing vineyard leaves for each season of the year, the light wines and the best cuisine in the north of Spain. Just in San Sebastian there are 21 restaurants with a Michelin Star.


Fascinating Basque Country wine tours

The winemaking region of the Basque Country spans one part the provinces of Guipúzcoa and Bizkaia and the southern part of Álava province. In the Basque Country, the popular wine is Txacolí. This is an excellent wine, unique and distinctive with a reputation that has grown recently. There are three Txacoli Denomination of Origin: from Getaria, from Bizcaia and from Álava.

There are 57 
Txacoli wineries in Bizcaia, with an annual production of 1,700,000 bottles.The Atlantic climate and the mountains where the vineyards are situated give the wine that distinction that has evolved over the years.

Visiting the vineyards and feeling the ocean breeze, taking a short wine tasting class while enjoying it with the local cuisine will make your experience a special one.

The Txacoli of Getaria tour extends throughout the Guipúzcoa territory. This region produces the most renowned Txacoli. There are 24 wineries, some of which maintain the traditional farmhouse architecture. In the coastline municipalities of Zaraut and Aia you will discover many wineries in which you can taste some wines that vary between pale yellow or green-like. Nature’s influence and the relaxing experience will help you distinguish the different nuances of the Txacoli.

Txacoli production in the Álava region is equally interesting. It is located to the south of Euskadi and has the youngest Denomination of Origin. The wineries are located in beautiful landscapes between the mountains. Apart from hotels in the best estates, the cultural choices are wide, with guided dramatized visits and concerts. Perfect for the children!


Most popular Basque Country Wine Tour activities

You are invited to discover the secrets of this light, slightly bitter white wine. Enjoy a gourmet experience with your partner in the middle of the vine lined hillsides. This experience is truly remarkable!

  • Cuisine in the best restaurants
  • Best hotels in Basque country
  • Private tours to wineries with traditional architecture
  • Wine routes near the mountains and the sea
  • Wide range of cultural selections: Guggenheim museum, Txacoli Museum, Urdaibai Tourism, medieval city center in Vitoria, Laguardia…

We also organize private tours for groups to bring them closer to the fascinating world of wines of this region. The wine tastings held by professionals will focus on learning how to distinguish the wide range of nuances from the hints of white fruit with other floral, citric and herbaceous tinges. A true pleasure for the senses!

Basque Country Wine Tourism

We take you to the exciting world of Basque wines