Wine tourism in Portugal Wine Tourism in Douro Valley

The valley of the river Douro in Portugal, like in Spain, is a perfect place for vine cultivation, so that is why it has been used for wine production for centuries by diverse civilizations that populated the ancient province of Lusitania.

In Viavinum we organize wine trips in the region of Douro, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful wine regions, located in the northeast of Portugal.

Our experience and passion for Portuguese wine and culture will accompany you during your entire trip.

Wine tours in the area of Portuguese Douro

In Viavinum we organize impressive trips to show our clients the best wine routes of the Douro area. Because it covers such a large area, we can identify three different sub-zones such as:

In Viavinum we organize wine routes that let you discover the different areas of the Douro, and if you wish, an expert guide on the subject can accompany you on the route. Viavinum makes it easy, we can also adapt our trips for groups and families.

Enjoy these activities on your Douro Valley wine trip with Viavinum

In Viavinum we want to share some of the activities that you can enjoy on your wine tour in the Douro region:

  • Visits to wineries, called “Quintas” in Portugal
  • Lunch and dinner pairings
  • Visits to Douro Museum in Peso da Régua
  • Outdoor activities, walks or rides on a 4×4 around the vineyards, picnics in vineyards, impressive natural settings and landscapes
  • Unique accommodation in wineries converted into small boutique hotels
  • Architecture, landscapes and wine
  • Wine harvest experiences
  • Food and wine tasting

Furthermore, the Douro river offers the possibility to participate in water activities such as cruises, canoeing and visits related to nature, the flora and fauna of the region.

Douro Valley Wine Tours

We can’t wait to plan your trip full of contrasts and history in Portugal!