Wine tourism in Portugal

Immerse yourself in the Portuguese wine culture.

Portugal is a country with an important wine tradition that goes back to the period of the Roman Empire. Today it is one of the biggest producers of wine with an extensive surface area of vineyards and 500 grapes varieties.

The outstanding quality of Portuguese wines is renowned in the world, they have been awarded in international competitions multiple times. In Viavinum we know that to appreciate and compare the best Portuguese wines there is no better way than to take a tour through the regions that produce them.


The wine tourism programs in Viavinum are customized to give the client a complete experience of the most important wine regions of Portugal.

The wine tastings are linked to the green countryside with vineyards that are breathtaking for those who see them .The wine is associated with Portuguese gastronomy, its heritage, and the culture present in the people living there.


¡An amazing trip through the history of Portuguese wines awaits you!

Wine tourism Portugal


As specialists in wine tourism, Viavinum meets the demands of professionals such as oenologists, sommeliers and wine enthusiasts in the wine tours. The Portuguese wine heritage is extensive, so we offer wine tours from as far north to the south of Portugal.

Wine routes in Portugal

In the Portugal wine routes we can take fantastic walks through the vineyards and discover new wineries and the ones that preserve a more traditional architecture. Enjoy these one-of-a-kind surroundings with your work team, your partner, family or friends!



We plan your wine tour in one of the most prestigious wine regions in Portugal: Porto



Discover one of the most iconic areas of Portugal, the Douro Valley.

Other wine route regions in Portugal

The Alentejo region is located in the south-central part of Portugal with 20,000 hectares of vineyards that stand out for the beauty of its landscapes. In the routes planned by Viavinum, you can enjoy the intense reds, with body but at the same time smooth. Immerse yourself in an excellent gastronomy and the possibility to stay in amazing winery-hotels.

The island of Madeira is another magnificent place for wine tourism in Portugal and it is combined with a rich, natural setting. The Denomination of Origin Madeira is formed by close to 450 hectares of vineyards. Viavinum tours give you the chance to taste extraordinary qualities of Madeira wines in the typical houses of Madeira.

Wine tourism Portugal

Some experiences for Portuguese wine lovers

VIP wine tastings for professionals

Traditional Portuguese gourmet food and wine tours

Cruises down the Duero river

Luxurious accommodation in Quintas or winery-hotels

Luxury private transportation during the route

A trip to Portugal centered on wines

Viavinum trips are not limited to wine tastings and visits to the wineries. We offer VIP guided wine tastings performed by wine experts and wine sector owners, and you can also discover the wine production process and sleep in the most beautiful historic lodgings. Contact us.

Enjoy the taste and aroma of the incomparable Portuguese wines!

Feel Portugal in person, enjoy the landscape, relax while enjoying the wines and discover the gastronomy. We await you with a surprising wine route in Portugal!