Wine tourism in France

Discover the wine culture in France.

France is known internationally for its quality of wines. Currently about 5,000 wineries are open to the public for the enjoyment of wine lovers. Wine is an important part of French cuisine and French culture. Some brands, such as the Châteaux Margaux or Mechel Chapoutier have gained international recognition.

The wine tourism selection in France is not limited to the most recognized and visited wine routes and wineries. The tourism is closely related to the French heritage and culture. Visit the wine museums, picturesque landscapes around the Mediterranean, wine tastings in the most cosmopolitan cities of the region and dreamy accommodations in a traditional Chateau. Enjoy an unforgettable gourmet tour and wine tasting holiday in France!

In Viavinum we organize customized trips around the French wine culture. We know that after the summer the vineyards are more beautiful than ever and it’s the best time of the year to go on a wine holiday in France.

France wine tours vacation

The purpose of Viavinum trips for groups or couples is to bring together the wine enthusiasts and the producers and professionals of the wine industry. All of our tours are customized for couples, or a wine expert, or an incentives trip with your work team or clients. We design unique wine experiences for you.

From Alsace to Burgundy, passing through the vineyards of Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, don’t miss out on these luxury wine routes that Viavinum has prepared for you.



We arrange a wine tour in France in one of the most iconic regions.



Experience discovering the secrets of Burgundy



One of our wine routes is the best way to get to know Champagne



Discover the area with one of the most charming grapes in France

Additional experiences for French wine lovers

  • VIP wine tastings for professionals and other wine lovers
  • French wine master class
  • Regional French cuisine routes
  • Excursions to the prettiest villages of France
  • Luxury accommodations in private chateaux
  • Routes through vineyards in the mythical 2CV
Wine Tourism in France

Wine holiday in France

In Viavinum we organize exclusive trips around wine tourism. Our tours are customized so you don’t have to worry about anything. Contact us to receive more information so we can offer you a tour that meets your vacation needs.


Let these premium wine tastings of the most famous Denominations of Origin in the world seduce you. Discover and enjoy the best that France has to offer!