Discover the wine tourism experience

Discover the wine tourism experience with Viavinum
Discover the wine tourism experience with Viavinum

Wine tourism is a fascinating way to immerse yourself in the world of wine, where visitors have the opportunity to taste delicious varieties, explore beautiful vineyards, and immerse themselves in the culture and winemaking tradition of different countries.

If you are a wine lover and are looking for a unique experience, Italy, France, Portugal, and Spain are must-visit destinations. In this article, you can take a journey through exciting and enriching activities that you can enjoy both in the wineries and their surroundings.

In addition to the usual guided tours of their facilities with traditional tastings, wineries nowadays offer a wide variety of very interesting experiences, which we share below:

Vertical Tastings

Immerse yourself in the history and evolution of wines by participating in a vertical tasting. This experience allows you to taste different vintages of the same wine, appreciating the subtle variations and the influence of time on its development.

Premium Tastings

Wine tasting is the action of unveiling the organoleptic characteristics through the senses to evaluate and describe its properties. In a premium tasting, you will sample high-end, quality wines in exclusive locations specifically chosen for this purpose, and they can be combined with different types of appetizers.

Blind Tastings

Develop your senses and test your palate and knowledge by participating in a blind tasting. Here, wines are presented without revealing their identity, allowing you to appreciate them in an impartial way and sharpen your tasting skills.

Vineyard Activities

Embark on exciting journeys through vineyards and discover new landscapes and natural habitats through quad rides, horseback riding, or cycling. These activities allow you to explore vineyard surroundings in a fun and different way. Some wineries offer the possibility to enjoy walks on paths that promote biodiversity in their vineyards, also providing an opportunity to spot local wildlife.

If you are an adventurer and/or looking for a romantic plan, you can take a sunrise hot air balloon ride to admire the vineyards and landscapes from above. This activity can be followed by a brunch after the ride.

Discover the wine tourism experience with Viavinum
Discover the wine tourism experience with Viavinum

Gastronomy and Pairings

Delight in the wonderful combination of high-quality wines and gastronomy through meals with pairings to enhance the flavors of both components. Chefs and restaurants in leading wineries take pride in meeting the expectations of the most discerning epicureans. Enjoy a menu prepared by a Michelin-starred chef, be amazed by exquisite dishes, tasting menus, and regional products, all harmonized with carefully selected wines.

If you prefer a lighter lunch, picnics in the vineyards or tastings with local product samples can also be arranged.

Corporate Meetings or Team Building

If you are looking to celebrate a corporate event in a special and unique setting or seeking an activity that promotes collaboration and teamwork, wineries offer ideal options. Different experiences can be tailored, such as wine production, tastings directly from the barrels, or tasting competitions to strengthen the bonds among the members of your group. As mentioned earlier, paired meals or quad rides through the vineyards can also be organized.

Discover the wine tourism experience with Viavinum
Discover the wine tourism experience with Viavinum

Celebrations and Family Gatherings

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by wineries, with their excellent hotels with pools or spas, facilities, landscapes, and quality products, to organize a creative and original celebration with your family and friends, with activities suitable for all ages. Several wineries have space and a chapel where weddings can be held.

Wine tourism is not only about wineries

Wine tourism is a form of travel that combines the pleasure of wine tasting with the discovery of the culture and landscape of wine regions. There is an endless array of complementary activities that you can engage in around wineries and vineyards. A journey through the wine routes in Europe cannot overlook the inexhaustible historical, artistic, scenic, and gastronomic heritage of its diverse regions, where you can have experiences to suit every taste.

Conclusion on wine tourism

Italy, France, Portugal, and Spain are destinations that offer a wide range of activities and exciting experiences for enotourism enthusiasts, both within wineries and in their vicinity. Surely, you have many other interests and concerns beyond the world of wine; however, you can enhance them all in a single trip or getaway.

At Viavinum, we can plan the trip of your dreams tailored to your tastes, interests, and budget, whether it’s for couples, friends, family, or business. Tell us what experiences you would like to have in the wonderful world of wine tourism, and together, we will make them a reality.

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