Would you prefer a private, customized trip? No problem. We customize your wine tour by taking your preferences into consideration.  

In Viavinum we are backed by years of experience organizing personalized wine tours in different parts of Europe. We plan wine tasting experiences for wine lovers that are looking for exclusive leisure activities.

We propose many luxury destinations where you will enjoy activities especially tailored for you and centered around the wine culture. We advise you from start to finish. You will have an exciting trip visiting places of cultural interest and idyllic scenery. After your first trip, you’ll want to go back and try another wine destination!

Wine tasting, visits to the wineries, tailor-made wine trips

Wine travelers and wine lovers’ profile is very diverse, yet they share a passion for wine and nature. That is why in Viavinum we design wine trip experiences for you and your partner or for your group.

A fantastic wine trip, also perfect for special celebrations such as birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and even honeymoons. Wine tours to prestigious wineries, exclusive wine tastings and exquisite cuisine makes an exciting trip to enjoy in the best company.

Immerse yourself in the culture of wines.

A different way of traveling