Christmas drinks to toast on New Year’s Eve

But we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, we want to live in the present and offer you some alternativesto the well-known sparkling wines to toast on New Year’s Eve.

We want it to be an unforgettable 31st where you can offer your guests alternative drinks to the classics. Shall we start?

-Mulled wine or spiced mulled wine

It is not very common to drink it in Spain but it is in other cold countries like Germany, Norway, Sweden, Austria, etc. It is also drunk in some regions of Italy. In fact, this wine has Germanic origins.

If you want to prepare it at home do not forget to buy some ingredients such as:


→Star anise




→Lemon and orange


Jamie Oliver leaves us his full recipe; you can see it by clicking here.

-Shepherd Neame’s Christmas Ale

How about surprising your guests with a glass or two of this tasty ale? We are talking about Shepherd Neame’s Christmas Ale, a traditional English beer brewed specially to celebrate the Christmas season.

Light tones and spicy flavors with hints of raisins, do you really want to miss it? You can see all the details at the link.


Yes, mead or mead is an alcoholic beverage (it is believed to be the precursor of beer) obtained from the fermentation of a mixture of water and honey.

It is a drink with many centuries of antiquity already consumed by Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Celtic peoples, etc.

For lovers of sweet drinks this one can be a hit!

You can find it in this Sevillian winery: Bodegas Valhalla


Undoubtedly it is a great alternative to sparkling wines, the precious cider. If you want to live a magical moment with your loved ones, do not hesitate and uncork a bottle of cider!

Its origins are also very old and according to many historians this well-known drink is originally from Spain, specifically from the area of Cantabria, although nowadays it is consumed in many countries around the world such as Germany, Chile, USA, Argentina, etc.

Unique New Year's Eve Drinks

Some online stores to get cider are:

-Apple-Ginger Sparklers (non-alcoholic cocktail)

Keeping on with the cider and also thinking of all those who do not want to consume alcohol, we leave you this drink, the Apple-Ginger Sparklers.

For its preparation you only need:

→Ginger syrup

→Non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider

→Some cinnamon sticks

→A few pieces of ginger

Do you dare with it, I’m sure you do!

-Vermouth Del Professore and Vermouth Dolin, international bets.

We could not overlook the delicious vermouths: Del Professore, Italian vermouth and Dolin of Gallic origins.

Whether you choose one or the other to make your toast, your guests will surely be amazed and will never want to go back to the more commercial vermouths.

Fruity, fragrant, exquisite, we encourage you to try them both!

If you want to know more about them you can visit Dolin’s website and follow Del Proffesore @VermouthDelProfessore on Facebook.

-Vermouth St. Petroni, 100% artisanal, of national origin.

To finish this week’s article, we would like to mention this delicious Galician vermouth: St. Petroni.

100% artisanal, made exclusively with grapes from the plantations of Pazo de Arretén, in Padrón, a winery with D.O. Rías Baixas, using the traditional formula. Do you want to know one of its secrets? The magic of absinthe.


Unique New Year's Eve Drinks

You can find out more secrets about St. Petroni on their website, by clicking here.

If you have not yet bought your bottle of sparkling wine, we encourage you to try any of these options we have mentioned and tell us how was this magical night!

From Viavinum Wine Tours we wish you a Happy New Year’s Eve and a prosperous 2017.



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