6 Must-have Wine Gadgets for Wine Lovers

In today’s post we will talk about the gadgets or accessories that we use for everything related to the world of wine. As you well know, you, wine lovers, could spend hours and hours talking and commenting on each and every one of them because it is a market with a wide range of possibilities.

In this first part, I will focus on some of them, without (of course) belittling the rest, I hope you like them and that you are encouraged to try them if you haven’t done it yet.


If you don’t have yours yet, I encourage you to make a small investment this year to acquire one and surprise your guests at the next dinner party. On this occasion I want to recommend an Austrian company that carves very fine and elegant glasses, I am talking about Riedel. You can find decanters of different shapes, sizes, colors and prices, sure to suit your preferences.


Continuing with this line, they are very effective when cleaning the decanter and also very easy to use. All you have to do is to put the pearls the stainless-steel beads into the decanter and add a little hot water.


Wine Gadgets for Wine Lovers


Then you must move the decanter in circular movements for a few minutes, emphasizing where there are more traces of wine.

Then, remove the pearls and water, you can do it directly in a glass or in a cloth and the pearls can be reused for the next times, it’s that easy!



Perfect for a party or when there are several guests having lunch or dinner at home and there may be confusion as to which glass belongs to whom. There are some glass markers on the market where you can write the name of the person and so there will be no confusion. They are also easy to remove after use by just using water and a little bit of soap.

If we do not want to dirty our glasses, there is a cleaner solution that I like a lot, they are small silicone flowers that are placed at the base of the glass and sold by Trudeau, a very elegant and colorful solution. Of course, you must remember the color of your flower!


Wine Gadgets for Wine Lovers


On this occasion I would like to recommend a specific mat, made of silicone, which is also sold by the Trudeau brand.

As main features I would highlight:

  • The small slits allow air to enter and dry well the remains of water that may remain in the glasses.
  • It can be stored in a simple and easy way
  • Holds up to 6 large sized glasses

What are you waiting for to get yours?


Surely you have opened a bottle of wine and then you have not finished it, it’s a shame that the leftover wine is spoiled with how good it is!

But it doesn’t have to, we can solve it with the wine preservation set.

The process is very simple to perform and as a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought it would be better if our friends from Wine Enthusiastic explained it to us in a video.


Let’s finish this article by looking again at the glasses and decanters. After washing glasses and decanter, crucially, they’re dried with a specialized brush for thorough cleanliness and dryness.

Surely you are interested in getting one, right?

That’s all for today, I hope that little by little you are getting your gadgets and you could surprise your guests at the next dinner. See you in the second part!



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